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ALLIX - Feed formulation software

Feed formulation

RUMINIX- Cattle rationing software

Ration Balancer

KALLIX - software quality management and security

Quality / Security

ETIX : management labels software


Allix³ : Formulate the Future







A-SYSTEMS’ Formulation Software: Allix³


The result of years of internal research and development, Allix3 is at the forefront of technology. It covers all formulation needs, from the most basic to the most advanced, from nutritionists in the field to large international groups working with extensive databases. All users can use the sophisticated calculation routine developed by our team.





Allix³ includes:


Improved user-friendliness thanks to a fully revamped interface including the use of graphics.


Improved data management thanks to a user-friendly query system


More accurate optimisation thanks to developments in non-linear optimisation and new optimisation models within the multi-formulation. It now can consider the raw material flows encountered at feed producers.


Easier to translate data and software into any language.


- And much more!




Conception and realisation : Rollingbox