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Allix3 formulation program in the Philippines


 Allix3 formulation program used during

the Formulation school in the Philippines

April 6, 2018

Prof. Rommel Sulabo guiding the formulation workshop

Prof. Mike Varley, Dr. Peter Chu, Dr. Felipe Barbosa, Mr. Deneb Arriesgado


A-Systems joined the Nutrition workshop under the name of "Ask EW Nutrition - A Science and Innovation Event" - IgY Immunoglobulin Formulation Schools Philippines hosted by EW Nutrition and Camden Industries Inc.

The event was held on Feb 27th at Midori Hotel Clark Pampanga for the customers from North Luzon area and on March 1st at Acacia Hotel Alabang for the customers at South Luzon area.
Both events were filled up with nutritionists, R&D and decision makers interested on improving their formulation skills and thus improving their productivity while reducing their cost. With the growing population and growing economy, Philippines will experience fast growth in animal industry but the speed felt is not as much as it is expected and much areas remains for improvements. One of the area for improvements will be in the formulation side. Still there is need to improve the evaluation system into NE (Net Energy) instead of ME (Metabolic Energy), SID (Standard Ileal Digestible) amino acids instead of total amino acids and STTD (Standard Total Tract Digestible) phosphorus instead of available phosphorus.
In the lecture part, Professor Mike Varley of University of Nottingham, UK delivered " Feed formulation and feeding of the post weaned piglet" where he shared his experience in Europe and Asia consulting piglet feed producers.
In his lecture, he emphasized that the pig is an amazing species. It doubles its birth weight in 7 days. And now it gives 30 piglets per sow per year reaching 100kg in 140 days with FCR of 2.3. Ingredient selection is a key factor especially milk products are important. He shared on the use of various cereals compared to only corn cereal in the Philippines.

In terms of the feeding regime, he stated that moving from 2phase to 3 phase not only helps meeting exact nutrient requirements but also helps increase feed intake as high energy concentration will lead to lower feed intake.
Professor Rommel Sulabo of UPLB followed with "Principles and new concepts in the design of piglet feeding programs under Philippines setting" where he showed the potential number that can be achieved in ideal condition against the commercial performance that was far below the maximum potential. To reach the maximum potential of the piglet performance which is not being reached by commercial farms, the main difference is nutrient availability. So the main target is to increase nutrient intake.

He also emphasized that the key is to overcome the transition phase and to shift from 2 phase feeding program to 3 or even 4 phases. Piglets are dependent on energy intake for growth so we need to push the energy intake up to maximum possible. Creep feed quality has the biggest effect in stimulating piglets to consume creep feed. And complex feeds containing specialty ingredients works much better than simple creep feed without specialty ingredients.
After his lecture in the morning, Professor Sulabo continued with workshop session in the afternoon where he showed how to calculate SID amino acid levels and other nutrients and let the participants to run the actual formulation using Allix3 formulation program supported by A-Systems and its representative Dr. Peter Chu.
Dr. Fellipe Barbosa Global Technical Manager EW Nutrition GmbH explained on the types of immunoglobulin available for weaner feeds and also current situation in Europe where zinc oxide is taken out from the feed and there is need to bring in alternative and how IgY can effectively help farmers formulate without zinc oxide.
For the local Filipino setting, Deneb Arriesgado Product Manager Camden Industries Inc. explained on the practical application of immunoglobulin in piglet diets using testimonials coming from Filipino customers.
After the lecture part, the session was continued with hands-on practice of what has been lectured using Allix formulation software provided by A-Systems represented by Dr. Peter Chu.
All the participants enjoyed the ease of use and graphical presentation of Allix program that makes its user accomplish his task much easier thus making the life of the nutritionist happier and also for the owner.


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