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A-Systems inside the Animal Feeding Industry


A-Systems inside the Animal Feeding Industry


The animal feeding industry is constantly changing. In order to respond properly to your expectations, either if you are a consultant, a feed producer, a premix producer or a services company, A-Systems continues to develop a software adapted to your needs. How is this possible?


A-Systems solid foundations

A-Systems foundations are based on two pillars: on one side the deep mathematical knowledge in operational research and the development of complex mathematical models by our development team, on the other the specialised knowledge in animal nutrition, which allow us to understand the problems of our customers. We are always very close to the industry, with the objective of providing a pertinent and adapted service.


A-Systems history of progress

When A-Systems was created in 2001 our philosophy was to be always close to our customers. Being close to our customers is how we identify the new needs in formulation and this proximity enables us to develop constantly our software.


Our integration in the industry is not limited only to the proximity with our clients, we are also in regular contact with the universities around the world, some of them in the domain of animal nutrition and other in the applied mathematics.


The feedback from our clients is a precious input for improving our software, in particular Allix3. This software offers multiple possibilities to its users: on top of the traditional tools offered in other  formulation software, Allix allows any alphabet, data in graphs or adding advanced tools as the Multi-formulation or the Non Linear Adjustment (NLA) that let you take into account the enzymes effects in the formulated feed.


In conclusion, our software are conceived to give users the means to accomplish their daily tasks in optimal conditions. With more than 3000 users and 600 customers, our objective is to continue developing our services in order to help you grow by being on your side and evelving together.  



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