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Services A-Systems

Services: Training - Maintenance - Modeling

A-Systems has built its reputation on the quality of the solution provided software but not only. We are also pride of the quality of the services provided. What would be the point of using an advanced software if you could not take advantage of a premium quality service? The services provided include the following:

  • Software training
  • New optimization models research and development
  • Software maintenance and updates


Non linear optimization, enzymes optimization, raw material allocation over several mills and time periods...  Thanks to the connections established with universities, we can provide the feed industry with up-to-date optimization models in order for you to keep a competitive advantage.


General trainings are provided either on site  or over the Internet. WEBINARS are regulary set to be trained on specific features of Allix². User's meetings take place to get our customers' feed back.


A-Systems releases several program updates each year. The automatic update procedure allows to download the latest version without any help from our customer support team: you are sure to be at the forefront of the technology! In addition, the use of maintenance tools gives you the possibility to have a quick and efficient answer from our technical team.



A-Systems can delivered Cloud solutions. Thanks to the technologies used to develop Allix² stable solutions can be proposed. The advantages of data centralzation in the cloud will be important for companies having an people working out of the office and asking for high level of reactivity.


Conception and realisation : Rollingbox