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RUMINIX : Management software rationing livestock A-Systems

Ration balancer

Ruminix is a powerful tool to balance rations and calculate on demand feeds. All species can be included in the Ruminix models : dairy, goat, sheep...   In addition to feed producers Ruminix can also be used by mineral producers.  Using the customized reports you will promote your technical know-how to your customers !


The Ration Balancer Software


Ruminix :  Ration Balancer Software

Ruminix is a ruminant ration balancing software dedicated to feed manufacturers enhancing the customers forrages and balance the feed with the required concentrates. All the settings can be done by the dairy product manager and used by the sales team.


The Master package includes the settings module and the common data management :

  • Models and equations settings (to calculate the nutrional requirements). 
  • Graphs settings
  • Ration settings
  • Manage the manufacturers’s ingredients.

The sales team can use the parameters defined by the Master and can modify breeder specific data : 

  • Herd parameters
  • Ingredient analysis 
  • Ration archives are kept by customer


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Conception and realisation : Rollingbox