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ALLIX : Feed formulation software A-Systems

Feed formulation

The feed formulation software Allix includes the most advanced features available on this niche market without any compromise when it comes to ergonomy and confort.  

The available features combined with the modularity of the software allows to package solutions meeting the expectations of a wide diversity of users working in the animal nutrition industry such as :

  • Feed producers
  • Petfood producers
  • Aquaculture producers and consultants
  • Premix producers
  • Enzyme producers and distributors

The user interface quality enables to easily and securely manage a large number of data.


Allix J1

A formulation software to be used on the ground !

A multi customers data management suitable for consultants and ground nutritionists

The feed formulation software Allix J1 allows to manage data required for the formulation (nutrients, ingredients, pricelists, formulas, species, customers...) without any limit regarding the number of data. The optimisation provides a comprehensive sensitivity analysis : restrictions costs, shadow prices, etc...

The diet can be saved in three different folders providing you the possibility to compare several versions between them.

A communication module can be added allowing the user of this package to easily exchange data with the program used at the headquarter or with an external  formulation service company.


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