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ALLIX : Feed formulation software A-Systems

Feed formulation

The feed formulation software Allix includes the most advanced features available on this niche market without any compromise when it comes to ergonomy and confort.  

The available features combined with the modularity of the software allows to package solutions meeting the expectations of a wide diversity of users working in the animal nutrition industry such as :

  • Feed producers
  • Petfood producers
  • Aquaculture producers and consultants
  • Premix producers
  • Enzyme producers and distributors

The user interface quality enables to easily and securely manage a large number of data.


Allix Enzyme

Optimise the use of enzymes

Modelling and data management allowing simple and effective work

A-SYSTEMS has developed a model enabling users to factor in the different effects associated with the use of enzymes. The three steps in this method are described below :

1- Description of the enzymes’ effects on the raw materials in a set of equations for describing the enzymes’ effects on the raw materials. These equations are grouped within "enzymatic profiles" that describe all the effects of a specific enzyme on the raw materials for each species.

2- The enzyme used could have consequences on the formula’s nutritional constraints.

3- A mathematical modelling tool allows the formulator to automatically and easily evaluate the different enzyme choices available. If the impact associated with the dose is known, it can be taken into consideration in the optimization.

The user will have all the necessary information to assess the enzyme’s impact on the formula, and also compare the costs of each solution.


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