An internet platform for formulation

WebAllix is managed by an administrator who wants to make formulation data available to third parties in a reliable and secure way. From a web browser, WebAllix allows to optimize formulas, to calculate raw material consumption and diet's costs.


WebAllix: a collaborative tool

When the WebAllix user faces difficulties in the elaboration of his diets, the administrator can assist him by providing additional data, by sharing the same data. At any time, new raw materials can be suggested, and new specifications can be added. Dashboards are shared and advising clients is made easier. A real collaborative work is therefore made possible.


WebAllix: for consultancy service to formulators

WebAllix is an ideal tool for consulting companies, premixers and consultants who need to provide their customers with a simple formulation tool, without providing them with sensitive data over which they want to keep control.
It is also a powerful tool for feed producers who are interested in providing their field technicians with a formulation tool: the data flows to and from the producer to allow a quick integration in the feed production process.


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